How You Can Help

If you find yourself reading my blog and wanting to help support me on my journey, there are a couple of ways you can do that at this time.

First, share my blog. I hope that my journey will help others, and the more people it can reach the better. I do hope to eventually make a career out of being a wellness coach and body-positive activist, so by sharing my blog you’ll be helping me reach these goals.

Second, keep reading. Leave comments, share your own thoughts. Create a discussion and help me understand how to better help others with my words by sharing your input and feelings. Be kind, both to yourself and others, and be truthful. 

Third, if you’re feeling generous, donations to my paypal account would mean the world to me. These donations will go directly to helping me buy clothes that fit my ever-changing shape, helping me afford yoga and dance classes in order to bolster my self-confidence, and eventually will help me buy an actual website to turn this whole thing a tad more professional. You can donate at: